"It doesn't get much better than starting your day with Yoga on an open air deck, right in front  of the ocean." 


 And because Yoga is for Everyone, at any age, and any level of fitness, the Good Morning Yoga Classes at Angulo Beach Club, and Hotel Odjo D'Agua in Sal, Cabo Verde, are taught with everyone's ability in mind.

Whether you are a complete beginner, an experienced yogi, or a surfer in need of a stretch, classes allow for everyone to move at their own pace. 

Group classes are kept to a maximum of 8 people to ensure space and assistance can be provided. Contact me  and book your space in advance. Or just turn up 10 minutes before classes, and try your luck.

For a more personalised experience, enquire about One-on-One Yoga lessons, either online, or in person in Cabo Verde.


** During the Corona Virus quarantine, I am sharing some free yoga videos on my YouTube channel Yoga For Everyone Cabo Verde & on Instagram @oceanviewyoga


Stay Safe Everyone 

Good Morning Yoga Classes
with Ocean View 
7:30am - 8:30am
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 

@ Angulo Beach Club, Santa Maria,

On a sheltered deck with ocean view

Tuesday & Thursday 

7:30am - 8:30am

@ Hotel Odjo D'agua, Santa Maria 
On the infinity pool deck with ocean view 
Classes: €10 per person
Mats provided

Your Yoga Teacher


Karen is a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor who believes that practicing regular yoga will make a huge difference to your life, and your happiness.


Originally from Ireland, Karen spent a few years travelling the world, before settling in Cabo Verde 14 years ago. after falling for the local 'No Stress' attitude. 

In addition to practicing and teaching yoga, Karen is a Mom, Wife, Life Coach, and has completed courses in 'The Art of Meditation', and 'How Yoga Benefits Us' from a physiological and psychological perspective as well as physically improving our body. 


“Can’t think of a better way to start the day than Karen’s good morning yoga classes. You leave class with a happy body ready for a new day in paradise. Even my husband loved it! " Jill, Switzerland

"Loved doing Karen’s Yoga classes, such a beautiful setting and excellent teacher. What more could you wish for doing your Yoga practice overlooking a beautiful beach and sea. Can’t wait to go again, perfect." Lorraine, UK 

"Brilliant One-on-One lesson, highly recommended. Karen is a fantastic teacher!" Laura, Ireland

Life Coaching 

Find Your Peace In The Pace Of Life 

Work, family, relationships, finances, health, and the day-to-day obstacles we face can be challenging to balance with our own happiness.

But you can balance it , once you know how.


As an accredited Life Coach, I can:

1. Help you to feel better

2. Teach you how to coach yourself & your reactions

3.  Show you how to make a plan & take action 




WhatsApp +238 9348814

1 Hour Session - €50

3 x 1 Hour Session - €130 

“Karen helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She is extremely personable, non-judgemental and compassionate.  Her analogies make so much sense, and her tools helped me to process, let go, and make a plan to move on with life. Thank you Karen."

Anka, Sweden 

Contact Information

Email:  coachcaboverde@gmail.com


  : +238-9348814


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