Life Coaching

Find your peace in the pace of life

Work, family, relationships, finances, health, and the day-to-day obstacles we face can be challenging to balance with our own happiness.

But you can balance it, once you know how.


As an accredited Life Coach, I can:

1. Help you to feel better

2. Teach you how to coach yourself & your reactions

3.  Show you how to make a plan & take action 



WhatsApp +238 9348814

1 Hour Session - €50

3 x 1 Hour Session - €130 

“Karen helped me through a very difficult time in my life. She is extremely personable, non-judgemental and compassionate.  Her analogies make so much sense, and her tools helped me to process, let go, and make a plan to move on with life. Thank you Karen."

Anka, Sweden 

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