Yoga For Everyone
Santa Maria, Sal, Cabo Verde

Find your peace in the pace of Cabo Verde

Would you like more stability in your work/life balance? Do you find you set goals and don’t fulfil them? Are you struggling to make your dreams come true? 


We all struggle with worries and fears in life. But it’s easy to change all that once you know how.


Cabo Verde is an amazing place to relax and get away from the worries of every day life. So while you’re here, why not learn to let those worries go for good?


A session with a Life Coach can help you to do just that.

Find your peace.

Contact Karen for a Life Coaching session and change your life for the better.


1 Hour Session - €45

3 x 1 Hour Session - €120  

“One hour with Karen helped me to see that I wasn’t stuck in a rut at all. I talked, she listened, then she asked me two questions … only two … and the way I saw things changed completely.”

Jack, from Wales.